Working with woocommerce lately, I noticed that in versions 2.3+, there is a bug in the code that will not let you delete a product from the mini-cart or cart page IF YOUR DEFAULT WP AND WOOCOMMERCE LANGUAGE is set to anything but English.
After countless of hours searching for a solution, which by the way most people seem to believe it is related to multilingual versions, either with WPML or some other plugin or a cache problem, I installed a fresh version of WP with Woocommerce and nothing else so I could debug it.
What I found was that the file responsibly for this error is woocommerce/includes/class-wc-form-handler.php
In that file around line 394, the code is

Changing the %sUndo?%s to anything you want, even removing just the ? e.g. %sUndo%s, or making the U small e.g. %sundo?%s fixes the problem.
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